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People move or change residences for many reasons. The move can be temporary or permanent one. A temporary move would mean that your stay in the specific residence is for a short time. While a permanent move would mean moving into a residence for long term stay.

Whatever your reason for moving, you can decide to hire the services of expert movers.  Or you can do the work all by yourself if you have time.

Moving is not only for individuals. Companies or businesses can move too. They can also move on a temporary basis or move permanently.

One of the most important things that your checklist should have is a reminder to change your residential address. Whether a temporary residence or a permanent residence. You still want people to be able to reach you when you move.

Forgetting to submit your postal change of address may prove to be disastrous. This would mean that all you mail may get lost. And you would have to go through a long process trying to recover it. Not being able to access your US mail change of address can trouble you greatly as well.

Since so much information comes through the US postal service change of address request office. Any pending bills would not arrive in time. Important information like bank details may get lost too.

If your business and home address are the same, then your mail is very important to you.

If your move is temporary, you will need to make a decision as to whether you will change your address or not.  As your mails are needed to reach you in good time.

When you have the intention of moving out, you should notify the USPS of your intentions. This is so that they can guide you on what to do in terms of receiving your mail in your new address. Notifying USPS is important so that you have an easy transition in case of receiving your mail.

The situation is different in case of permanent move. As you will want your mail to stop being delivered to your old address and start being sent to your new address in this case. This can only happen when you notify USPS. So, they can make the necessary arrangements. In a case where the move is to a temporary residence, you would want to be advised on your options.

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Address Change LLC is a third party agent that prepares and facilitates the address change LLC filing process. We strive to making moving easier and streamlined for our customers. We work for you, not the government. Address Change LLC is NOT affiliated with The United States Postal Service (USPS or Change Address USPS), The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), The DMV, or any other government agency.

Please note that this service and associated one-time fee of $20 is for a complete moving kit including ebooks, moving discounts, and more. You can obtain your change of address forms for free by visiting your local offices, but why wait in line and deal with multiple agencies. We can help you complete the process form the comfort of your own home with extended customer support and how to guides. Part of your moving package includes assistance in properly filing out forms related to your change of address, and assistance on how to complete your address changes from the comfort of your own home. It is your responsibility to complete the required steps to finalize any change of address requests.

We attempt to make every reasonable effort to assist you through the process, however we must rely on the customer's accuracy in providing correct address change information in order for you to process the change of address properly. Further, this does not guarantee that the postal authorities will properly process your address change, nor is our service liable in any way for changes in the way each organization updates the process, forms, and requirements needed to complete the process.

We simply prepare the required forms and provide the instructions needed. Please note that your access to and use of is subject to additional terms and conditions. Please allow up to 7-10 days for completion.

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