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People move or change residences for many reasons. The move can be temporary or permanent one. A temporary move would mean that your stay in the specific residence is for a short time. While a permanent move would mean moving into a residence for long term stay.

Whatever your reason for moving, you can decide to hire the services of expert movers.  Or you can do the work all by yourself if you have time.

Moving is not only for individuals. Companies or businesses can move too. They can also move on a temporary basis or move permanently.

One of the most important things that your checklist should have is a reminder to change your residential address. Whether a temporary residence or a permanent residence. You still want people to be able to reach you when you move.

Forgetting to submit your USPS change of address may prove to be disastrous. This would mean that all you mail may get lost. And you would have to go through a long process trying to recover it. Not being able to access your US mail change of address can trouble you greatly as well.

Since so much information comes through the US postal service change of address request office. Any pending bills would not be to you in time. Important information like bank details may get lost too.

If your business and home address are the same, then your mail is very important to you.

If your move is temporary, you will need to make a decision as to whether you will change your address or not.  As your mails are needed to reach you in good time.

When you have the intention of moving out, you should notify USPS of your intentions. This is so that they can guide you on what to do in terms of receiving your mail in your new address. Notifying USPS is important so that you have an easy transition in case of receiving your mail.

The situation is different in case of permanent move. As you will want your mail to stop being delivered to your old address and start being sent to your new address in this case. This can only happen when you notify USPS. So, they can make the necessary arrangements. In a case where the move is to a temporary residence, you would want to be advised on your options.

You need to know the steps you need to take in order for you to receive your mail in your temporary residence. All this can happen if you notify USPS of your intentions to change your address by filing your USPS change of address form 3575.

In order for you to change your address with the USPS to your current one, there is a procedure to follow. USPS offers three options for getting mail at your new or current address. Most people find submitting their USPS change of address online to be the easiest.

You can fill out forms called address change forms. It will enable all first-class mail that is sent to your old address be forwarded to your new residence. This is a US postal service change of address that lasts for 12 months. After the 12 months elapse, any mail that is sent to your old address will be returned to the sender.

You also have the option of signing up for premium forwarding services which are temporary. You mail will be forwarded to you for a temporary duration of time.

US Postal Change of Address

You should take note that this service is more appealing to people who have dual residences. They are in one residence for a period of time before going to their other residence. This ensures that they get their mail when they are in any one of their residences. There are costs that you will incur in case you choose this option.

The other option is to use the USPS’ General Delivery Service.

This is applicable when you move to a new town but still don’t have a permanent address. People will be able to reach you by sending you mail addressed to you, which they then have to follow with the words “General Delivery”, the name of the city and state and a nine-digit ZIP code belonging to the main us post office change of address.

In case of a business that intends on changing address, the owner will be required to fill in a separate form if they would like to change the business address to a new one.

When you change your address, you request USPS to have your mail forwarded to your new destination whether permanent or temporary. There are three ways available for you to submit a request;

USPS Address Change

2017 USPS Address Change Updates

You have the option of going online to fill in the request. Among the three options you have, this is the fastest. Although you will be charged a USA mail address change verification fee. This fee will be charged to your credit card. According to USPS, the fee is meant to protect you from fraud. USPS matches your address information with the credit card or debit card information on the file. This will show that you are the one who is filing the us post office change of address.

Via Telephone

If you choose to submit a request through the phone, you will also be charged a u.s. mail address change verification fee. It will also be charged to your debit card or credit card for u.s. mail change of address verification.

In person

When you go file your us post office change of address or your US postal service form in person, you will be required to file a PS Form 3575. Contrary to the others, this is free.

All the above methods will require verification as to whether you are authorized to make a address change request.

Once you have successfully submitted your address change, you will receive three forms from USPS for your US postal address change confirmation. These forms include;

This will be sent to your old residence address. In a situation where you have already moved, then this letter will not be sent.

This will be sent to your new address. You will be able to see this mail inside your online US postal service change of address mailbox.

This will be sent to your new address too. It contains coupons and offers, which are related to your new address.

Finally, when USPS processes your address change, your mail may take seven to ten business days to reach your new address.

When changing your address, you will have to indicate whether the address is on behalf of an individual, a business or a family. You should also not wait for the last minute for you to change your address. According to USPS, you should fill out the form seven to ten days before you need the mail forwarded. Again, be careful not to fill the form too early. This is because the initial mail forwarding date should not exceed three months in the future.

Apart from changing your address, you will also need to communicate to other US postal service providers of your change. Banks and credit card issuers should also be alerted of the change.

Where can you get a change of address form?

You can complete your change of address form online. And then print it out completed on your behalf automatically.

If you would prefer to download the form and complete it manually you may download the forms here.

In a case where you are staying at a temporary residence, your mail will be forwarded to the address for only a year. This may lead to the US postal service system loosing track of you after this period of time expires.

One of the most important service companies to always inform your whereabouts is your credit card issuer and bank. This is because you will constantly need an update of your account details. And their work is to provide you with any important account information and updates.

In the case where you are moving your business, informing your bank can never be over emphasized. This is because banks and businesses are meant to have good relations at all times. Banks provide businesses with money in form of loans to expand the business. Notifying the bank of any change of the address is vital if the relationship is to last. Failure to notify the bank can lead to bad outcomes that can affect the business in a negative way.

It is also important to remember that when you requested for the services of all your US postal service, you entered into some sort of contract with them. That by law binds you. It is your obligation to notify them if you intend on moving and your USPS change of address.

At this point, there are people who might argue that they use online banking. Most of the things nowadays are done online. Well, as much as that is the case, all individuals are required to notify their banks in case of a physical mailing address change.

Informing your bank of your physical address change will also go a long way in strengthening your relationship with banks. In a case where one fails to notify the bank and the bank cannot trace you, you may find yourself in trouble with the law. In a case where you had taken a loan with the bank, they may think that you are trying to run away from your responsibility. This will automatically cause bad blood between you and your bank.

Up to this point, you know that two of the most important parties to inform or notify when intending to move are the USPS, US Postal Change of Address and service providers such as banks. When there is good communication between you and these two parties, you will find that moving for you will be much more simplified.

Making a temporary USPS change of address when moving is different from making a permanent USPS change of address. The two are different in the following ways;

With temporary USPS change of address, you will need another address. This is because your stay will be short lived. You will either move forward to another residence or go back to your previous residence. With a permanent USPS change of address, you will do it ones and this will be meant to last for a long time.

Charges for a temporary change in address are higher compared to what you would pay for you to change your address permanently.

If you would want the Premium forwarding services which are meant for temporary residence, you will need to enroll with fifteen dollars.  And then you have to pay an extra $17 each week when your mail is forwarded to you.

From the discussion, you can tell that all it takes for an easy moving is to ensure you plan well and plan ahead. With a few notifications here and there to some key players in your life or in your business, your moving can be a smooth one. You need to be sure that the transition from your old residence to your new one is smooth.

You also need to know that your whereabouts are very important. Not only are they important to your us mail change of address but also to your friends, family and business associates.

Moving a business on a temporary basis or a permanent one is also a hard task. But with enough and good planning, the activity can run smoothly.

How to notify the US Postal Service of your Change of Address

Complete your USPS Form 3575. You may download it online or submit the form above to generate one.

Deliver your completed Form 3575 to the US Postal service. Communicating about your US Postal Change of Address to all these people is important if you are to move out of a residence and into another one.

How To Change Your USPS Mailing Address with the Postal Service

  1. By using our complete USPS Change of Address online moving form then simply mailing it in. This is the preferred method for speed and convenience.
  2. Go to the USPS website to change only your USPS address online.
  3. Go to your local post office and request a free Movers Guide.

You can also change your mailing address with banks and utilities by using the same complete assisted USPS change of address form. Moving needs to be well planned. So, some tasks may need to be completed months before moving.

If not handled properly, moving can be a stressful and hectic time. It's better to have a checklist to guide you during the moving period. This should be a step to step guide on how you will move. You don't want anything left behind and you don't want to forget an important item when moving.

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