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USPS Change of Address US Postal Service Address Change

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Did you file a USPS address change? Great, now its time to get to packing! Make sure your boxes aren’t too heavy. Keep in mind that an cardboard box probably won’t be capable of holding more than 50 pounds. Also, it is the maximum weight that a person can lift safely.

You may probably need to take the boxes up and down stairs so keep in mind if they're too heavy you won't be able to move them easily. Some objects are large and heavy. Please don't attempt to move them yourself if they're too heavy. Get someone to help you so you don't hurt yourself!

Mailing Address Change

Incautious and unprepared movers can easily hurt their back when moving. You can avoid this by stretching your entire body a bit before lifting heavy objects. This way, you can reduce your chances of back trauma. By stretching, you can prepare your entire body for the lifting.

Wear the right kind of clothing

You should wear closed shoes and loose clothes instead of sandals. They may hurt your toes. Instead of sandals, wear shoes that provide a good grip.

Be careful when lifting objects. Try to end your knees and push your waist back to be safe. This way, you can transfer weight onto your legs and protect your waist and back. If you do not bend your legs while lifting objects, the entire weight will be on your waist. This can lead to backache or even spinal problems if you don't stretch and take a little caution when moving.

Address change equipment

Dollies can be very helpful when moving furniture. Be certain to wear gloves because they provide a stronger grip, also gloves can also offer great protection for splinters.

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There is a small one time online change of address form processing fee of twenty dollars. You can obtain a change of address FREE by visiting your local office, but why wait in line and file with multiple agencies. We will help you update everything from one online application making this a simple and painless experience. Save time and money by utilizing our services.

Address Change LLC acts as an authorized agent for those looking to file their address change LLC request with the United States Postal Service, DMV and other agencies. The accuracy of the information is the responsibility of the user. This service does not guarantee that any of the offices notified will process your address change LLC.

We simply prepare the required forms and provide the instructions needed. Please note that your access to and use of is subject to additional terms and conditions. Please allow up to 7-10 days for completion.

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