Address Change USPS

Address Change USPS

There are just some things that almost all of us go through. The worst one is probably paperwork. Whether it’s replacing a lost social security card, or going to the Address Change USPS after a move, everyone gets stuck in the quagmire of endless forms and boxes asking vague even challenging questions.

That is if they can even find the location, proper form and guidelines for turning it in the proper way. A recent study shows that, for someone working roughly a 40 hour week, you already spend 50% of your waking hours at work, so why should you want to stand in line to complete forms in the free time you have left?

Address Change USPS

The endless slog of ink and deceased trees may have been the best way to do things before the internet came about, but more and more people everywhere are performing more and more tasks online. It makes sense that we would want to move our work online, as the internet makes everything faster and easier.

It begs the question, why cramp your wrist and your neck filling out paper forms when even a majority of seniors are connected to broadband internet?

Although the government has been slowly dragging itself to the 21st century, it seems that it is unwilling or unable to take full advantage of modern technology. Online replacement of a lost social security card carries a ton of restrictions, and isn’t available to citizens in certain states.

This means that people everywhere are forced to take time off of work, locate obscure documents, pay extra to have them notarized, and jump through hoops to replace a document they need to get hired, or even to find a place to live. Finding a place to live requires an Address Change USPS and seeing the USPS, even more forms!

Anyone who has had to have an Address Change USPS can tell you that it is already a chaotic time, with everything you own in boxes, expenses, and headaches. One study even found that moving was more stressful than going through a divorce.

In addition to canceling all of your services and wrapping up whatever matters need attending at your current location, you are greeted by a deluge of paperwork upon arrival at your new residence. USPS is the subject of jokes about wasted time for a reason. We should not have to go to the Address Change USPS.

The time has come for the tasks we all must do to catch up to the technological revolution. We would all be less stressed and happier if there were an online filing service that could help with these burdensome tasks. A site where you can enter information once and not have to worry about it.

In an age of one click shopping, where you can have almost anything you want sent to your house, an age where we can access almost any information from a device we carry in our pocket, surely we can do better than paper cuts and buried, obscure, unintelligible government websites. With only one life to lead why should we be forced to spend it stressed, confused, and overwhelmed? Easy answer friends, we shouldn’t.

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