Change Address Post Office

Change Address Post Office

Moving can be a stressful time. There are a lot of tasks to track and accomplish, and there never seems to be enough time to get it all done. In the midst of all this, you don’t want to neglect to tell the right people about your new change address post office and phone number.

Here you will know the steps involved in filing a change of address with the Post Office, which types of change of address are available, and how to choose which type to file.


Change Address Post Office
The actual filing of a change of address form with the post office is what many people think of when it comes to the topic of change of address. Filing that request accomplishes two primary goals:

– It directs the Post Office to forward mail sent to you old address to your new address.

– It allows companies that subscribe to the National Change of Address Service to be notified of your new address.

Change of Address Types

Permanent and Temporary

There are two types of address change you can file: a permanent Change Address Post Office and a temporary one. Now, a good question might be, Why would I file a temporary change instead of a permanent one? It comes down to controlling your privacy.

The information in a permanent change is made available to all those companies who subscribe to the National Change of Address Service service while information filed through a temporary change.

Extended Information >>> Change Address USPS

ually isn’t. So, if you file a temporary change with the post office and notify each person or organization who sends you mail individually, you’re in charge of who knows that you’ve moved. It also means that it’s harder for junk mailers to find you.

Keep in mind that you face a trade-off. If you file the permanent one, you have a safety net in case you’ve forgotten anyone, but you risk the chance that more junk mail may find you. If you file the temporary Change Address Post Office, you can potentially cut down on junk mail, but you could end up missing out on notifying everyone before the temporary Change Address Post Office of address ends, and you will also miss a large number of coupons and discounts forwarded only to those who have filed a permanent change.

Change of Address Methods

The post office offers both a traditional, paper-based form (free) for address changes and an online filing option. You’ll need to specify when your move is taking place, as well as whether the move is for just one person or the entire household.

It’s a good idea to file 4-6 weeks in advance, although many post offices can begin forwarding mail after just a few days. You’ll want to have your mail taken care of so that none of it is arriving on Moving Day itself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A post office change of address DOES NOT take care of everything. There are a few notable shortcomings to the process:

– Limited mail types

The post office will be forwarding first class mail and most periodicals. It does not forward standard mail (formerly known as bulk permit mail)

– Limited time

Even a permanent filing only lasts for six months (although it can be renewed for another six months). Therefore, register with the post office, but also use a secondary service and notify valuable contacts individually.

When you’re preparing to relocate house you will be so busy with packing and also logistics; you’ll possibly forget to inform people of your new address and will do it arbitrarily when it comes up. One of the right ways not to miss notifying anyone is to make a list. Here are individuals you ought to have on your list.

If it is too tedious to do this one by one, you can always make use of a change of address notification service who can do this for you.

A reminder of who you ought to notify of your home relocation

  • Your family and friends
  • Your mobile phone provider
  • Utility companies
  • Banks and also Credit Card companies
  • Your children’s schools and teachers
  • Any local organization, club or gathering you belong to
  • Any magazine or column subscriptions
  • Any storecards or loyalty cards
  • Any frequent flyer cards so you do not miss out on the specials
  • Your workplace
  • House security companies
  • Your local authority for council taxes, etc
  • Car and home insurance corporations
  • Libraries

Redirecting your post

You may actually inform the Post Office of your relocation and plan the time frame for your mail to be forwarded to your new home. This simple and also stress free way of announcing your removal is one of the most popular ways of conveniently letting everyone know that you’re moving home.

It might also be useful to sign up for the post office’s redirection service in case you have overlooked certain corporations or organizations as the post office will then be able to forward any mail that was initially sent to your old home address and forward it to your new one.

You may sign up to have your mail redirected for 1, three, 6 or 12 months for up to 2 years although there’s a charge for this service. All this can be accomplished without any challenge on the internet or just pop into the post office to have a form and do it on the phone.

It is actually worth the peace of mind to make sure that all post gets forwarded to you as there may be bills which you have overlooked and you are bound to forget to inform most companies that occasionally send you catalogs and brochures. This tactic you won’t miss any mail from distant friends and family members who tend to send you Christmas or birthday cards that you might have forgotten to notify.

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