How-To: Temporary Change of Address

Temporary Change of Address 

For some reason you need to relocate yourself for a timespan of less than 6 months. You are in the dilemma that if you’ll not get your change of address USPS, till 6 months all your mails will be routed to your older communication address.

If you change your address after 6 months again you would need to shift back to the earlier one. So, you must be wondering if there is a mid-way out. Yes, there is!

The Temporary Change of Address feature is a boon in such a situation. It is basically the Change of Address for those who plan to move back within a period of six months.

All you need to do is just forward your request to temporary change address USPS for a maximum of six months and a minimum of two weeks. In your request you would also need to indicate the date when you want to stop forwarding mail to the temporary new address.

However, to your surprise, if your temporary move is longer than six months, than at the end of six months you can extend your temporary forwarding up to a time less than 12 months or 364 days starting with the listed start date.

The minimum time period for Temporary Change of Address forwarding is 15 days. The day you listed your Change of Address request, your mail will stop being forwarded on the date.

There might arise a situation when you are not sure of your return date. In such a case, please indicate your best tentative time and if your tentative date should be changed, do ensure to notify the local post office.

Change of address

In a situation where you plan to move to your new address for less than six months and then again to a different address that you are moving from, you will simply need to file another Change of Address USPS request at that time.

We always suggest using an online U.S. Postal Service Change of Address website for assisted form processing, they can also assist in locating movers and helping with utility switches as well.

When No Change of Address Is Filed:

In case where no Change of Address is filed and the mail arrives, the mail carrier pick up the mail and leave a notice mentioning that the mail will be available for pickup at the local post office for the next 10 calendar days after which it will be returned to the sender. If it cannot be returned due to any reason, it will be discarded.

Modifying or Cancel a Change of Address Request:

If you need to modify or cancel your Change of address USPS, you may do so but you need to have two things handy with you – the Zip Code of your new location, and the confirmation code you got while you placed the change of address request.

All you need to do is login to the site and submit the form after filling in the required fields. Now you can change the fields according to your requirements.

In situation where you have lost the Confirmation Code, you’ll need to personally visit the post office and talk to the postal clerk of your change/modification requirements.

The U.S. Postal Service Change of Address online system is very straight forward, you can process your Change of Address form online here

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