Temporary Change of Address

Temporary Change of Address

You can complete your temporary Change of Address in person at the post office, via mail or online with services such as change-of-address-online.com. Both permanent and temporary change of address can be completed online  for not only for the USPS (United States Postal Service) / Post Office but also utilities, credit cards and banks.

Temporary Change of Address

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Temporary Change of Address How-To Video

Are you intending leave town, to travel or relocate for a time period? Regardless of the motive, and you have to run a temporary change of address with the post office, if your move isn’t permanent. Many Americans fall under this particular type of a temporary address change, as this process is required by short moves for occupations or school.

Whether it’s medical record requests, outstanding cell phone bills or even school transcripts or program advice, you’ll need to ensure that these records are sent to the right address. To set up post that is temporary, you’ll just have to follow the normal rules and processes for forwarding your post to your temporary address.

There are numerous motives a resident may have to get a temporary change of address in America, like:

Temporary work move:

Temporary company move: Companies may also relocate briefly as people are occasionally requested to travel for work for a small time period. This can be because of variety of variables, including shifting locales between seasons or building construction in the first office, based on the weather. If your company is relocating for good, you’ll need to file a company change of address instead of a temporary address change, with USPS.


Businesses offer recent graduates and college students the opportunity to learn a business from the bottom up through business internships.


A temporary change of address is needed to be sure to receive your significant correspondence if your plan is to register in a school in another part of the nation or across the state. This could include everything from telling letters to credit card and bank statements from the DMV about auto registration renewals.


If you need to look after a sick relative or prepare for an extensive adoption temporary address changes are often needed. In such a case, you should consider a temporary shift your address.

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