US Postal Service Address Change

US Postal Service Address Change

A US Postal Service Address Change is an important thing to take care before you move to a new place. When you miss important mail, it can cause many other hassles in your life. A bill may be left unpaid, a check sent to you may be lost, even greetings or presents from family and friends can get left behind in the move.

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It used to be a pain to change your address with US Postal Service Address Change. You would have to go to the post office, wait in line to get the right form, fill it out and turn it into the clerk. It could take a half hour or more just to get this done. When you are in the process of moving, that is a time that could be much better spent on other things. But now some websites allow you to submit your change of address online for free. The online form is simple and only takes about 2 minutes to fill out and submit.

US Postal Service Address Change

The process is fast, safe, and secure and can even eliminate some of the problems that can occur when filling out a form by hand. Hand written forms can be difficult to read, and it is possible for information to be entered incorrectly into the system.

Even something as simple as 2 numbers being reversed can mean that your mail will go to the wrong place. However, by entering the information online and verifying it yourself, you help to ensure that your mail is forwarded to the right US Postal Service Address Change.

The following steps are involved in having your address changed:

1. The communication can be in the form of furnishing information as under:

PART A – Details of Old address

a) Name of the individual or firm – first name, middle name, last name for your US Postal Service Address Change

b) Previous address

c) Telephone number Landline, Mobile or Fax No.

d) E-mail address: communication after an effecting change of address will be sent to this E-Mail ID.

e) Date of birth of individual or Date of commencement of stay in the previous address.

f) Type of move to new place: Temporary or Permanent

If temporary, the duration of stay in a new location and probable date of shifting to the old place.

g) Number of persons moving With family

h) In case of company or firm, The entire office will be shifted

PART B – Details of new address

a) Purpose of shifting

b) Street,

c) Door No.

d) Apartment / Suit

e) City

f) State

g) Zip Code

h) Telephone No. LL / Mobile

i) E-mail ID If different from the old one

j) No.of persons staying in new place

Declaration to the US Postal Service Address Change that the details furnished in the form are true and free from any encumbrance, and the individual or company will hold himself or themselves liable for any legal proceedings if warranted in future. A safe mode of transport like a registered letter or courier consignment with acknowledgment should be utilized for sending the intimation along with all details.

The person or the company who wants a change of address to be intimated to the authorities can also do it on the internet by using the services of private organizations. By authorization the service provider undertakes the responsibility to communicate to the US postal authorities properly. They would charge a moderate fee instead of provide these services. The agencies providing such services are getting more and more users of their services not only because US citizens are usually hard pressed for time but also because these agencies are very trustworthy.

Supplying wrong, inaccurate and misleading information will result in punishment by way of fine or incarceration or both. The regulations have no room for leniency because whatever changes are requested for by an individual or company will take place at the same time in all the other related areas also. It is not a mere communication to Postal Service office to redirect emails to the new address. It is mandatory and to be followed strictly in the U.S. Like we are duty bound to vote during elections. Similarly, this procedure is an obligatory duty for all citizens.

The act of moving is stressful, to say the least. Changing your address to your new address is probably one of the less stressful parts of moving compared to having to pack up an entire house. Even so, it is not something to do last minute. It’s important to make the switch of address before the move or else your mail will not follow you to your new address. Your bills, monthly subscriptions and what not will be sitting in your former home, and I doubt you’d want to miss any payments.

At any address moving company, they will first deal with creating your USP (unique selling proposition) in business – in other words, a statement that briefly describes what makes your product or service unique and better than the competition. The theory is that once you have developed your USP you are clear about what you provide and who your ideal customer is. This then allows you to create all your marketing materials based on your USP, and you can then attract your target market because your message will ‘speak’ to them.

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