US Postal Service Change of Address

US Postal Service Change of Address

Secure USPS ® US Postal Service Change of Address — The Fastest Way To Change Your US Postal Service Change of Address With The Post Office™

Moving is hard. Let USPS ® make it easy! Did you know the Post Office™ offers a variety of services to make your move easier? We know if you’re moving, you’ve got enough on your mind. Let us help. Save a trip to your neighborhood Post Office™ by using our streamlined Online Change of Address Filing.

US Postal Service Change of Address Online

>> Temporary and Permanent Change of Address Online – Click Here

Online Change of Address Filing offers people moving time saving, and is fast and secure! It takes only two 2 minutes to file. Don’t worry about your information being compromised. You can safeguard your information with ID verification. A $1 charge to your debit or credit card helps secure your identity. You receive email conformation, so you know your move order is in place.

US Postal Service Change of Address

You’re also saving gas by not travelling to the Post Office™, so it’s a win for us all! For over 200 years the Post Office™ has delivered mail and packages. What many people don’t know is the scope of the moving services offered. You get more than just your address changed when you use Secure USPS ® Change of Address Filing. You get much more! Your Secure USPS ® Change of Address Filing includes goodies like UNLIMITED address changes for 90 days!

That means everyone in your household is covered for three months worry-free! That means your magazines will end up in your mailbox! Not only that, by changing your address online, you automatically reduce the amount of US Postal Junk Mail. Saving resources is good for the planet and good for us all. Who likes creating junk mail?

If you are one of those people who also gets junk phone solicitations, even better—included in your Secure USPS ® Change of Address Filing is the option to opt out of nuisance calls! Do Not Call List Privacy Registration is included! Telemarketers are fined if they call numbers on this list, so this is something you certainly don’t want to miss. We make it easy.

You sign up and we do the rest. And since The Post Office™ is part of your community, we also include things that will help you settle into your new home—like New Mover’s Coupons worth $750. These are high value coupons from local vendors offering products and services to assist in your acclimation and set up of your new home! Also included is Free Home Utility Connection Assistance. Your home is new, maybe your neighborhood is new, unfamiliar, and even a bit scary.

Free Home Utility Connection Assistance puts it all in one place, taking the nuisance of being unfamiliar with your new utility providers. And of course, we have your back, so all this comes with Live Toll Free Customer Support Help.

If you have questions about your local Post Office™, neighborhood mail delivery, package pick up, or any other of our Change of Address services offered, please call us. We love to help! We know your move may be permanent, or it may just be temporary. No matter—we can help in either case. In the case of a permanent move, your information will be handled with Secure USPS ® Change of Address Filing. Temporary moves are handled in a similar way. If you are going away for college, to the mountains for the summer, or the shore for winter, USPS serves you.

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