USPS Change of Address makes USPS Address Change online easy!

Moving can be a chore but filing your USPS Address Change, also known as a USPS Change of Address online or Change of Address Form 3575 shouldn’t be. US Post Office Change of Address Online Made Easy.

To help make things easier on you during your move we’ve put together a list of resources for assisted or self filing the USPS official address change form 3575.

If you’re like me and would prefer to pay the $20 service charge to have the change of address form properly processed and completed for you then simply Click Here for USPS Change of Address, this assisted change of address form processing service supports one person, family and business address changes.

Some people would prefer to manually complete and file their own official USPS Change of Address Form 3575 and for those of you whom prefer this method you can download the latest Form 3575 here and we’ll give you a few tips on completing and finding proper submission information for the form.

It’s very important to make sure when entering your address on the USPS Address Change Form 3575 that you use a complete pre-verified address with complete ZIP, just as the assisted change of address system above would do for you, you can find the address look-up tool here

Take the time to read and complete each section of the form, if your form is incomplete or inaccurate your USPS Change of Address will not be processed and can cause a 2 week delay in your address being updated, rejected forms are returned to sender to be completed.

Once your form is completed and ready to file you have a few options, you can either deliver these forms in person to your local us post office change of address branch, search for your local post office by Zip Code Click Here, or you can simply mail the form in as indicated on the Form 3575 USPS Address Change heading for processing.

USPS Address Change and Change of Address forms generally take 7 to 14 days to be processed from time of arrival to the us post office change of address postmaster.

USPS Change of Address

When completing your form be sure to carefully review the Temporary move, permanent move, move starting date  and move ending dates fields as any confusion in this will end in a returned form needed to be completed and re-submitted.

Please note that the form must be signed and can not be digitally printed or stamp, any forms with incomplete or unoriginal ink signatures will be returned to sender, if address provided, for completion and refiling causing a delay in your USPS Address Change and issues receiving your mail while being rerouted.

If you decide to use an automated assisted Change of Address form processing service like this one they offer 6 month unlimited moving assistance and address updates, unlimited family members per address as well as business moving assistance and resources and us post office change of address form processing.

The assisted moving service websites generally come with discount coupons and very competitive moving quotes as well, we’ve found them to be very helpful, if this information helps you any during your move please share it!

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