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Don’t waste time standing in line or filling out multiple forms. Let us process your North Carolina change of address forms quickly and stress-free including the USPS, DMV, IRS, and more. It only takes a few minutes!

North Carolina requires you BY LAW to change the address on file with these important government agencies. Simply filing a forwarding notice with the post office IS NOT ENOUGH! You have to notify everyone from financial institutions to the government to service providers. Get started NOW!

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I’m Moving Permanently: The fastest way to change all of your important addresses in North Carolina.

I’m Moving Temporarily: We cut your work in half by automatically setting a change-back date so you don’t have to fill in any forms again!

  • Finish in minutes instead of hours – Fill out one form instead of 3, and we’ll handle the rest.
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FINALLY, changing your address in North Carolina is convenient, fast, and stress-free

Did you know that when you move you are required to change the address on file with multiple government offices or you can get fined or even become the victim of identity theft?

You used to have to take hours of time away from focusing on your move to fill out forms and wait in lines at different offices.

That’s all a thing of the past….

Change of Address Online is North Carolina’s easiest and most convenient way to change any address with the most important government agencies from one location. Just enter some basic personal information and let us know who you want us to contact for you.

We can handle the major North Carolina agencies for you as well as the IRS in one convenient package. All for a low, one-time fee!

This is the fastest, most secure address change service online.

What really sets us apart are our customer service and added benefits. So many address change services just make you pay to submit your changes to the USPS. You can do that alone for free. We actually provide real, value-added services. Use us and you can also save money, protect your privacy, and make your move smooth and stress-free.

Here’s how it works!

How it Works

Changing your address in North Carolina has never been easier. You’ll be done in minutes:

  • Tell us about your situation: Are you moving permanently or temporarily? We will generate the custom forms and put them into a personalized moving package.
  • Enter your details: Tell us who you want to notify and use our clearly marked form to correctly fill in your personal details. This makes sure you avoid the common errors that doom so many applicants. We will instantly populate each form for you and process them according to government regulations.
  • Pay the Processing Fee and Access Your Benefits: Once your fee is processed, you’ll gain access to our client moving center. Here you’ll find moving discounts, cheap supplies, helpful moving advice and more!

That’s it! We handle everything else! Fill in one form, let us know who to tell, and we handle the rest. You just enjoy all of your benefits and focus on your move.

Not Changing Your North Carolina Address Could Lead to Serious Problems and Identity Theft!

Changing your address when you move is not something to be taken lightly. It is ILLEGAL NOT to change your address. If you’re caught driving with a license bearing the wrong address, you may be subject to fines or citations.

Not only does North Carolina law require you to change your address but you should do it anyway.

Think about it; every government institution or service you use needs to locate you.

  • The IRS needs to send you a tax return
  • The police need to know where to find you to protect you
  • The water and electric companies need to know which house to service
  • The DMV needs to know where you live to send you information about your vehicle

Not only that, but thieves are constantly searching mailboxes for important notices sent to the wrong house. If they get their hands on bank information or tax documents sent to your old address, they can use that to open credit cards or take out loans and ruin your good name. You are 100% responsible for the consequences.

See what we mean?

You don’t want to end up like us. Last time we moved, we were so busy that changing our address was the last thing on our minds.

Well, that led to big tax problems and voter registration issues, plus we missed extremely important pieces of mail! We were even found IN BREACH OF OUR AUTO INSURANCE! We had NO IDEA that driving in a new city meant greater risk and violated our policy!

Not only that, but it was a lot of work to set up new utilities and get the internet.

Changing your address is imperative.

  • The Authorities Must Be Able to Find You: North Carolina requires your location so you can be found in the event of any legal issues.
  • The Government Must Know Where to Send Notification: The SSA, IRS, and DMV must know where to send your mail so you can comply with civil duties.
  • Insurance Providers Must Know the Risks: Each area comes with new risks. You must tell providers when you move so they can adjust claims if necessary.
  • Banks Must Comply With CIP Regulations: The US Patriot Act requires the Customer Identification Program (CIP). This requires banks to verify your identity to obtain an account or credit card. You must update this address BY LAW.

These are just a few of the institutions that require notice.

Most institutions let you change your address for free, but why waste hours figuring out who to change your address with, how to do it, and filling in form after form with the same info when you can do it all from one page and spend that time focusing on your family, work, or move?

You can fill out multiple forms or 1. Which is better?

There are plenty of address change services, but Change of Address Online is the ONLY service online that actually makes your move smoother rather than just changing your address with the USPS.

We Aren’t Your Average Change of Address Service

Change of Address Online is the ONLY service on the web that goes a step beyond the typical address change service.

Most services just help you change your address when you move. We actually help make your move smoother and stress-free.

Here’s what you get with us that you can’t get anywhere else online:

Changing Your Address

  • Professional Support:
    Our trained and experienced support staff are standing by to answer any of your questions and advise you on where to change your address so you get it exactly right and avoid consequences.
  • The Simplest Address Change Service:
    This service is as simple as can be. Our clearly marked forms make it almost impossible to make an error!
  • Connection With Every Important Institution:
    Let us handle the government so you don’t have to.
  • No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee:
    There’s 0 risk using our service. Our word is our bond. If you aren’t satisfied, you get your money back. Please note that we are not responsible for the accuracy of your personal data. Only you can know that!
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    We use the latest encryption technology to keep your identity a secret. Don’t trust most address change services to protect your identity! Any leaks could lead to identity theft! We are dedicated to your privacy and security.

What really makes us unlike any other service is our dedication to making your move pleasant and stress-free. Our value-added services are unrivaled:

  • Privacy Services:
    We can put you on the Do-Not-Call list to protect your identity and stop junk mail from coming to your new home.
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Ready to change your North Carolina address? Just choose your location to get started. You’re minutes away from getting this important obligation out of the way so you don’t have to worry about it again!

Our trained staff are standing by to help answer any questions to get you started.