US Mail Change of Address

US Mail Change of Address Information

Moving comes with numerous challenges such as your US Mail Change of Address and it is easy to forget to make some of the adjustments that will make your life in your new home so much easier. One of the things that most of us forget to update is our mail address. If you plan well, though, your mail can follow wherever you go whether your move is temporary or permanent.

Below are the processes you need to follow to submit your US mail change of address and successfully get your mail updated. You will also get to see some of the challenges that you may encounter and some tips on how to overcome these challenges at the end of the day.

US Mail Change of Address with the USPS:

You can change your address with the USPS by simply filling in a Change of Address Form. This form can be completed either online or in person at the post office nearest to you. You can also make a call to USPS offices and request them to change your address. Both the telephone and the online method attract $ 1 verification. This is charged to your credit card. You are not charged anything if you complete the form in person at the post office.


Whether you complete your form online or in person, it is important to remember to state whether your move is permanent or temporary. A temporary move can be as short as 15 days or as long as one year if you extend the 6 months application for another 6 months. If your move extends for more than one year, you should complete the permanent move application.


Change your address with the IRS

You can also change your mail address with the IRS. Most times you will actually have to apply for a change in mail address with the IRS even when you have already done so through the USPS. This is because even after you have changed your address with the USPS, this information does not always get to the IRS.

To change your address with the IRS, submit a written statement with for 8822 attached. You also need to include other details such as your social security number, your old address, and your new address.

US Mail Change of Address

US Mail Change of Address

You can also change your address when you are filing your tax return. This mostly applies when your move coincides with the tax filing season. You may, however, need to complete additional paperwork for your change of address statement to be complete.

Normally the IRS does not accept electronic requests for change of address. The only time this is allowed is if you do not get your tax return mailed to your address.

Change your address with the social security administration

This applies if you collect Medicare, retirement, social security income and survivors’ benefits. To change your address, get in touch with the social security administration. To make your work even easier go online and search for the social security office nearest to your new address. There you will get a representative who will guide you on the steps you like to take to successfully change your address.

You can also use your social security account to change your address online. Simply open your account and update your details to include your new address. The process is quick and easy and takes off of the hassle of having to look for a social security office and finding the time to visit the office. However if you are unsure of what to do or get stuck anywhere along the way getting help from a social security office would be the right step to take.


Sometimes even with good planning, the US mail change of address may not go as planned. Your mail may get delayed or you may lose your mail before your address is updated. To be on the safe side here are some tips on how to make your transition to your new address easy and hassle free.


– Submit your Change of Address Form to the USPS at least 2 weeks in advance. The post office takes up to 10 days to stop the mail forwarding service. Submitting your form early enough gives the USPS ample time to stop submitting your mail to your current address. It also ensures that your mail delivery is not interrupted in any way.

– Do not forget to notify publishers to magazines and publications you subscribe to about your move. While magazines and publications will be forwarded to your current address at no cost at all for 60 days the post office discards them after this period expires. Because it takes almost the same amount of time for the publishers to change your address it is always important to let them know you are moving as early as possible.

– When making your application online, ensure that your application is complete. It is not strange to find that you did not complete the entire process. You may also complete the application and forget to press the submit button. This will only mean that your application does not get to the intended recipient on time.

– Ensure that you get your new address right. You also need to double check all details and ensure that they are correct. According to the US postal regulations, you can be fined or imprisoned if for whatever reason you intentionally submit inaccurate information on the Change of Address Form.

The US mail change of address is an easy and straightforward process. Sometimes, however, delays do not happen and you may not get your mail on time a few days after moving. If you, however, do not get your mail in a month or so then there is a problem.

Where this is the case it is advisable to contact the USPS and see what could be causing the delay in the change of address. This is however not common and only happens when the details are not filled in properly or some inaccurate information is involved. Most of the times you will successfully change your mail address in this country with minimal if any hiccups along the way.

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